Easi-bind hits the 4,000,000 mark with PVC cards

PVC-Cards2With emails, online services, and media becoming increasingly popular, many fear that the more traditional paper print methods will slowly disappear. However, with Easi-bind recently hitting a huge milestone by producing over 4,000,000 PVC cards in 2011, it doesn’t look like that is a fear Easi-bind will have to worry about!


High demand for Loyalty, Gift and Membership PVC Cards

As a service- and customer-driven company, your customers are your most valuable assets. It is through loyalty, gift and membership cards that you can show your appreciation and commitment to them.

With the ever-increasing cost of living, why not safeguard your customers support by rewarding them through Loyalty Cards? Loyalty cards guarantee customer loyalty as they show your customer how much you value their business and them as a customer. By adding benefits to your customers buying experience (such as deducting a certain percentage from an overall purchase etc), you ultimately reward your more frequent buyers – making them feel appreciated – and encourage others to become frequent buyers in order to enjoy similar benefits.

Loyalty Cards can be used in a variety of industries and also allow you to keep track of who your regular customers are as well as their purchases. This information will assist you when you need to decide on target markets for your marketing strategies.

Mr-Price-frontGift cards equal convenience

Nowadays more and more consumers want simplicity, convenience, and flexibility – and gift cards are exactly that! The cards are easy to purchase, customise (i.e. choosing the card value and appearance) and use. From shopping centers to individual stores, coffee shops, private clubs and health care centers, the choices of where to send your gift card recipient are also endless.

Gift cards with your company’s logo printed on them, ensure that the recipient associates the card with your company. This will assist in the branding and promoting of your services and customer commitment throughout the general public; and ultimately set you apart from other stores in your industry; expanding your customer base and increasing your store traffic and sales.


JayJaysBFMembership card possibilities are endless!

Membership cards help build customer loyalty as they encourage  your customer to keep coming back. They reward your customers by giving them their own special place in your company. Membership cards can be used everywhere and are common place in establishments such as hotels, gyms, clubs, libraries, and restaurants.

Membership cards:

  •  Are easy to personalise with member names and photographs, adding extra value and security.
  •  Keep personal information confidential by adding printed barcodes.
  •  Can easily store any type or amount of necessary information, making it always accessible and reliable.
  •  Can have magnetic strips added in order to easily tracking customer information, like their purchases or activities, amounts paid or due, membership expiration dates etc.

Why PVC and plastic are your better options

Many companies seem to offer paper cards to their customers. This poses a problem if the customer is going to use the card as regular as the company would hope – PVC and plastic a long lasting and quality product.

Membership cards demand durability as they are generally the cards that are used more frequently. PVC and plastic assists in this regard as they are both very sturdy and durable materials that won’t crease or tear, ensuring that they will sustain their professional look over time. Being light-weight and hard wearing also make the cards easy to carry and sturdy enough to last in your wallet!

The customising options with these materials are also infinite as thermal printing can be used to easily add your customer’s photograph onto the card before lamination – which also makes it more difficult to ruin.

With all these added benefits, why not let Easi-bind produce your PVC or plastic cards. Contact us with any queries or questions and get us to print your cards today!

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