Packaging – your way to protect, present and promote your product

JOCKEY-POLYPROP-4-PACKSPackaging seems to be something that most companies tend to overlook, and yet it is one of the most important aspects to consider when planning and manufacturing your products. Besides the fact that it protects your products from damage and environmental factors such as germs, packaging has many other benefits…


Benefits of effective packaging

  • PnPeggsHelps increase shelf life of product as it provides protection from shock, extreme temperatures, or vibrations; and can fulfill certain biological or chemical requirements if certain products need them.
  • Helps to group small items, like eggs, that need special packaging to hold them in certain quantities in one package.
  • Reduces security risks while being transported, may also contain anti-theft devices, prevents tampering, and can include authentication stamps to ensure authenticity.
  • Improves ease of use by containing features that assist with the transporting, handling, stocking, displaying, sale, opening, re-closing, use, and reuse.
  • Can also be used to communicate certain important information such as nutritional value, instructions for use, features, transportation information, benefits, company contact details, and how to discard the package or product after use.


Attractive packaging equals attractive sales

muesli1Another benefit that more and more companies are beginning to focus on is the importance of product packaging in marketing. Packaging can be used by marketers to differentiate their product from competitors and influence potential buyers to purchase their product instead. Bad packaging can communicate all the wrong messages to buyers as it can make the product appear substandard and of poor quality.

From colour and shape, to artwork and wording, a product’s packaging design is highly customisable, continuously evolving, and is responsible for attracting and persuading the consumer to pick up the product and ‘teach’ them why their product will add value to their lives.

The packaging shows and promotes a company’s brand – which includes their logo, slogans, tag lines, company colours, etc. It therefore reinforces the company’s brand  and helps the consumer to instantly recognise their products amongst others.  The best packaging designs are original, creative, fresh, easily noticeable, and successfully persuade your target consumer to purchase your product.

Branding and packaging work simultaneously together to create a cohesive image of the brand or company and therefore are the two most effective ways to create or increase sales. By creating a specific “look and feel” to a company’s packaging, they are able to convey a certain message and brand / company image to a consumer and convince them that this is the company that they want to support and purchase products from.


GUD1Improve your product packaging today!

Easi-bind has already successfully gained a great amount of understanding and knowledge when assisting in the design of a company’s product packaging. We have dealt with clients with large quantities of FMCG products – such as egg inserts for companies like Eggspert; Alzu; Fairacres; Highveld / TopLay and Rossouw – as well as produced cartons for GUD filters, one of the largest producers of automotive and heavy-duty oil and fuel filters in SA.

One of the many materials that Easi-bind is well-known for – and has perfected – is the printing and assembling of Polypropylene packaging.  This material is a thermoplastic which is environmentally friendly; lightweight yet hard wearing; tear resistant; water resistant; is resistant to most oil substances and chemicals and retains its packaging shape at all times. Design possibilities are endless as Polypropylene ensures vibrant colours when printed on and clean lines.


Contact Easi-bind today so that they can help your product stand out from your competitors and improve sales.

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