Easi-bind’s packaging division, Trade Litho, consistently delivers white-line kraft-back board packaging cost effectively. Our constant stock levels, factory capacity and excellent customer service will meet every aspect of your high-volume packaging needs at very competitive prices. In addition, REMAC is Easi-bind’s anti-microbial packaging material, lab approved for effective bacteria control – ideal for food packaging such as fresh eggs.One of our key objectives at Trade Litho is to offer our clients unrivalled products of the highest quality. In our efforts to achieve this we understand that today’s solutions demand the very highest levels of support for the environment.

That is why we have relentlessly pursued working with unique materials such as Easicard – our high performance polypropylene graphic material. Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly thermoplastic that incurs minimum use of natural resources when manufactured and is one of the easiest plastics to recycle.In addition to its “Green” benefits polypropylene has many other advantages. The product is light in weight, highly stress resistant and resistant to water, most oils/greases and chemical products. It is hard wearing, tear resistant and retains the shape of the packaging at all times.

This “miracle material” delivers clean lines and vibrant colours when printed on giving packaging a fresh approach and the ability to really showcase your product to the optimum where it counts – at point of purchase.Trade Litho can meet your specialised packaging requirements using frosted, white or clear polypropylene in 350 micron up to 700 micron thickness.Over the past number of years we have perfected the “art” of printing and assembling bespoke polypropylene and pvc packaging and presentation solutions for our clients. Why not give us the opportunity to demonstrate how we can similarly enhance your product and brand’s image?

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