Printed plastic access cards for improved security systems

1100954_41021887-300x231Plastic access cards and security cards can be used for a range of access, identification, security, and membership purposes. Typical uses for access and security cards are for staff ID, student cards, security ID, membership cards, club access, door entry, and the like.

Plastic access cards are encoded to allow staff, visitors, members or guests access to a designated area of a building, room, hotel, or office by simply swiping their card.

Plastic security cards are not just keyless entry systems for improved security – they can also serve as access cards to clubs or gyms and as proof of identification.

Plastic security cards for access control systems

Anyone who runs an organisation should be concerned about who has access to where and what. A card reader access control system is the most common security system you can put in place, and it’s easy to implement. Plastic access cards swiped through card readers allow employees and staff entry to those areas they’ve been given access to.

It’s a system which also allows you to track your staff’s movements and prevent any breaches of security when one key is lost. It’s all electronic encoding and therefore easy to manage and maintain because a single lost card can easily be deactivated and a new card assigned.


708384_22715993Plastic access card printing

Easi-Bind produces printed custom plastic access cards, specialising in affordable small and large run plastic security card printing. Plastic ID and access cards are a great security tool, and Easi-Bind manufactures a variety of personalised printed security cards, produced to your specification and needs.

Plastic security and access cards are a reflection of your business and brand, and will go everywhere with your employees or members in their purse or wallet, so it’s important that the access cards look the part.

Easi-Bind prints high-quality professional plastic key cards, plastic security cards, plastic access cards, and plastic ID cards.

Easi-Bind’s security and access cards can be personalised with employee or member details, including photo ID, and customised with any branding. Our high-quality plastic security, access and ID cards can also be printed with a barcode or magnetic stripe for security systems, as well as any of the following features – signature strips, sequential numbering, custom finishes, and any colour or design you want.


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PVC’s strength and durability makes it a natural choice for plastic access card printing. Easi-Bind manufactures high quality plastic security cards using state-of-the-art equipment – a Heidelberg press allows us to litho print, and our HP Indigo card press allows for digital printing. The quality of our printed access cards is key.

Contact us today with any queries or questions and we can help print your plastic security cards today!

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