PVC and plastic membership cards

card-img1Easi-Bind prints and produces customised plastic PVC membership cards, specialising in affordable small and large run membership card printing.

Membership cards help your most valued asset, your customer, feel like part of a special group. A membership card can be used as a club card for businesses, associations, shopping centres, sports clubs, medical aid schemes, insurance policies, casinos, banking institutions, nightclubs, hotels, libraries, universities, gyms, retail chains, restaurants, franchises, and any retail outlets, as a way of building customer loyalty.

Easi-Bind manufactures a variety of membership cards, customised to your specification and needs.

Membership cards build customer loyalty

People hold onto membership cards to take advantage of deals and discounts, so it’s a great way to leave a lasting impression of your brand which sets you apart from your competitors.

Print professional membership cards with printed barcodes or magnetic stripes to keep personal information confidential and track membership balances and more.

The design choices are unlimited to promote your business and brand!

The plastic membership cards we manufacture can include any of the following features – signature strips, metallic finish, hole and slot punching, personalisation, and custom finishes.

Personalised printed membership cards

PVC’s strength and durability makes it a natural choice for membership card printing.

Easi-Bind manufactures high quality plastic membership cards using state-of-the-art equipment – our Heidelberg and Roland presses allow us to litho print, and our HP Indigo card press offers digital printing. The quality of our membership cards is key.

Contact us today with any queries or questions and we can help print your plastic cards today!

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