QR Codes – Bridging the gap between the offline and online worlds

Woolworths-QR-224x300QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, can be used to link and bridge the gap between a companyʼs digital online marketing plan with their consumers. If used correctly, they will enhance the companyʼs traditional offline marketing plan and satisfy the consumers need for immediacy and information accessibility. According to a report released by Research and Markets, a market research firm, “QR code scan rates have jumped by 4500% since the first quarter of 2010”.

QR Codes are everywhere these days – and brands such as Audi, Woolworths, Coca-Cola and McDonaldʼs are all adopting and integrating them into their advertising strategies. With QR codes here to stay, it would be a beneficial to know what you should and shouldnʼt do when creating them for your brand or company.


What to keep in mind when creating your QR Codes

  1. Ensure that the purpose of the QR code has been clearly defined and that it enhances and reinforces the overall goals of your advertising and marketing strategies.
  2. If your consumers are scanning the code with their smartphone, you need to ensure that your website has been mobilised and that the code redirects them to a mobile website. Normal websites do not function well on smartphones and will have a negative effect on your consumerʼs user-experience.
  3. Ensure that the URL used is kept as short as possible in order to ensure that the image of the QR code does not become too big – which becomes difficult for some scanners to process. If you are unable to provide a short URL then you can use a shortening service that will shorten it.
  4. Make content interesting, engaging, and valuable. Ensure that your QR code gives your consumer a reason to scan it and that will make it worthwhile for them, for example, downloading free music, wallpapers, entering exclusive competitions, provide instructional videos, etc.
  5. WineQR1Next to your code, always include: instructions on how the consumer can download a QR code scanner and the QR code, and a “call to action” that clearly indicates the reasons to scan the code and incentives for the consumer, for example, “Scan this code to enter the competition”.
  6. Make sure your QR code stands out from the rest! Designer codes can influence a consumer to scan your code a lot more than a normal QR code design. You can add: different colours – provided that you have a dark colour sufficiently contrasting against a light-coloured background, round corners, and even imagery.
  7. Be sure to test the scannability of your QR code using numerous scanners and smartphones.
  8. Be sure to analyse and evaluate your QR code statistics in order to see where you can improve your QR codes – were the codes more successful when the codes directed theconsumer to a website or social media page, or was there more interaction when promoting special offers and downloads?


What other companies are using QR codes for

Business cards with V-Card encoded or Google Maps location. Front and Back of DirectAxis Easicard


Badger Equipment Company added a QR code at the end of their product brochure which links to a page on their website that contains more details on their products.



This wedding invitation included a QR code that linked to an online RSVP site.



QR codes are even dramatically increasing online sales for stores in subways! They were located in the arrivals hall of the Seonreung subway station when a new Tesco store used QR codes and pictures of their products to allow commuters to scan their groceries using the QR Codes and the Tesco Homeplus app on their way to work in the morning! If their order was placed before 1pm, their items were delivered home that same evening.tescoQR-300x196


Easi-bind is one of the few printing companies that have already started gaining extensive experience with the integration of QR codes into businesses and presently offers Easi-info cards that can have the QR code added onto them. The Easi-info cards are made from a propylene material, which ensures that the cards are tear, water and heat resistant!

For more information on how you can start enhancing your business with QR codes, contact us today!


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