Thermal Perfect Binding

thermal_img2With close to 30 years experience in thermal binding, Easi-bind are able to provide fast, effective binding development, creating higher quality and more flexibility for binding both small and large volume of documents.


What is perfect binding?


An Easi-bind cover with its patented U-shaped channel spine and specifically developed thermal adhesive forms the basis of the system.

Why choose the Easi-bind System?
  1. The Easi-bind concept is all about creating a professional impression, and to do this, we have a range of perfect binding covers and binding machines ready to use right away, in the convenience of your office or in your print room facility.
  2. Our traditional perfect thermal covers with their patented u-shaped channel, are simply the best for presenting your documents. By making your presentation material neater and more attractive you create a lasting impression.
  3. We have developed a revolutionary thermal binding cover designed for wider spined documents. The re-inforced gauze cover provides permanent flexibility combined with durability and ease of use – making this the number one choice for all your working documents.
  4. We manufacture thermal covers in all formats up to and including A3 and spine sizes from 1.5mm to 70mm. This means a maximum single document or batches of documents up to 600 pages can be bound in less than 60 seconds.
  5. Easi-bind can customise all your covers in-house from co-ordination of initial design layout to final printed product. Or alternatively, one ca purchase our stock covers and simply insert your own printed cover sheet.



Thermal binding covers come in a variety of stocks and colours to suit your business needs and budget. Coupled with our extensive printing capabilities, Easi-bind offers standard covers in a variety of formats or specially designed and styled with your own corporate logo and colours – to reflect and enhance your company’s professional image. Quality is assured from start to finish. Covers are inspected at each step by our trained staff to ensure they meet the highest standards.


Options Available Are:

Stock Covers (‘off the shelf’)

Easi-bind pre-made covers are manufactured in-house. Choose from a variety of spine sizes to suit your requirements.

    • A4 covers in whitecote board (240gsm) with a clear or frosted PVC front.
    • Imported linen and leather board sheets are also held in stock for quick manufacture of covers:
    • Linen embossed board (220gsm) A4 covers in bold colours (red, blazer blue, burgundy, white or black)


Printed Covers (to order)

Our wide range of colours and textures of all our cover materials, when coupled with our printing capabilities, provides you with endless possibilities to reflect you company’s image.

All our covers can be made in a variety of spine sizes to suit your requirements.

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