What are QR Codes?

EasiBindQRcodeQR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are two-dimensional codes (also known as Matrix Codes) that are similar to barcode labels. They both hold certain amounts of information, but the main difference between a QR Code and a barcode is that QR Codes are able to hold several hundred times more information.

In its simplest form, a QR Code is a print-based hyperlink, and once a consumer scans the code using their smartphone’s barcode reader application (or app), they are directed to a company’s desired link – and the possibilities are endless!



What a QR can do for you

A company can direct you to their website, their social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube), their contact information, enable you to contact the company directly through email, provide you with information on either the company’s location and directions, or information on certain products, you can receive special offers, join loyalty programmes, get app downloads, and much more.

QR Codes consist of a series of black modules arranged in a square pattern with a white background. The code has been designed to allow high speed decoding, has been standardised all over the world, is dirt and damage resistant, and is readable from any direction.

QR Codes can enhance a company’s traditional marketing and connect consumers to their multimedia digital content. These days, people expect immediate accessibility to relevant information – and QR Codes satisfy that expectation. They can be found on business cards, brochures or other marketing material, product packaging, name tags, restaurant menus…anywhere and everywhere really.


Chris-pp-cardDownloading QR Codes with your smartphone

QR Codes are gradually becoming more accepted and used with the increasing popularity of smartphones, apps, and mobile web access. Methods and means of consumer engagement and connectivity are changing, therefore companies need to ensure that they stay relevant, remain in touch with their consumers, and keep creative in order to keep their competitive edge. Big brands like Coca-Cola, Woolworths, StarBucks, and even the student newspaper at Wits University are beginning to adopt the QR trend.

Experiencing the efficiency and simplicity of QR Codes is as easy as downloading the Reader app for your specific smartphone. Most smartphones now come with the QR Code reader pre-installed but for those that don’t, downloading the software is an easy process:

  • There are countless free options for the iPhone in the iTunes library
  • BlackBerry users can download the free app from the BlackBerry App World (QR Code Scanner Pro is a good option)
  • Motorola users can download the app here
  • Nokia users can download the app from their Nokia PC Suite
  • Samsung users can download it here
  • Sony Ericsson users can click here to download the app
  • Alternatively, ‘I-nigma Reader’ is a popular choice as it can be used with virtually any type of phone with a camera. The ‘I-nigma Reader’ can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry App World or you can click here from your smartphone and I-nigma will automatically download the appropriate version for your phone.

Once the reader has been installed, all that’s left to do is point your camera to the QR Code and your smartphone will automatically scan the code and direct you to the desired end-location.


Print your QR Codes with Easi-bind

Easi-bind is able to manufacture your company’s Easi-Info cards, along with your QR Code, in a multitude of formats and grades of polypropylene material, for example Glass Clear 300 mic, Natural Frost 300/400/500 mic, White 300/500 mic, or Recycled Black 700 mic.

Contact us today for a quote on your QR code, so that your customers can get scanning!

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